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We understand that you have a certain vision for your product. We want to help make that vision a reality, only compromising on things that we can do better. We will keep you up to date on the features of your application and have open discussions to look for improvement or clarify on the objective.

We use industry standard techniques to test our code and ensure it works as expect throughout the lifetime of the application. These tests ensure that emails are sent to users, that once screen A is done it goes to screen B, and so forth. You'll be given a reliable and stable application by the Reliable Rabbit staff.

Face it, you'll want to try your application for yourself and play around with it, that is why we host a staging server. The staging server will run the latest stable development version of your application. We're more than happy to receive feedback and comments on the software via email, phone, or whatever communication methods works for you.

Once all the features are done and your product is polished, you'll probably want to make it available to the public. We're here for you. We'll set it up on your server (and help you purchase a server if need be) and get it running. We don't think bugs are acceptable, so we offer support even after an application is deployed. We believe that your success, is our success. If you're ready to have the most fun and painless product development yet, contact us.

Our Clients

Client Portfolio

Rostering allows First Care Medical to easily post shifts and manage shifts. From contacting staff to make sure everyone is on the same page, to sending a message to a staff member letting them know you would like them to cover a shift. The application is so streamlined an employee will most likely only go to one or two pages, while an administrator would go to three or four views. If you're looking to have medics for your event near Adelaide, Australia, First Care Medical has the tools and skills to help you out.

  • At the calendar employees and managers can see what shifts are available, have requests, or filled.

  • The event view is an essential view in this application. It gives you an overview to see the shifts assigned to the event and quickly see if it's assigned to an employee. You can also modify the shift without leaving the page.

  • Here we can see the requests to work the selected shift and how much an employee has worked recently, so the manager can judge if he is overworked.

  • This editing view shows you all the information about the event, with the ability to easily change it.

Coffee App allowed local coffee shops to sell their beverages online. The system was designed to allow a user to purchase a cup of coffee and customize it, before they got to the café so they could minimize the time needed to get their morning cup of coffee. The system used PayPal to charge users and pay café owners, but unfortunately never reached the market.

  • Customize your Coffee(s) that you want to order. Once you checkout the store will be notified with the order and when you will want to pick them up.